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D-kreator made culinary news today by creating a new dish.  He combined a burrito and a soft taco and made the:


Now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress…

Leftover Meal # 9 – Pork Burritos

A big hey-diddly-ho to my legions of adoring fans!  Bad news – we didn’t win the lottery.  Good news – I’ll be making a WHOLE lot of leftover meals in the future!

Although I wouldn’t say that I am obsessed with food, I will say that I put a whole lot of thought into it.  Quite often I’ll find that putting a portion of my thoughts into creative things to make for dinner will help me get through an otherwise monotonous day.  Exercising the creative side of my brain, however minimally, helps me cope with the voices that are always jockeying for position in my head.  NO NOT JIMMY!  DON’T LET JIMMY TAKE OVER!  HE IS MEAN…<excuse me for a minute>

Hi All!  I am freshly medicated and am ready to dive into the write-up for tonight’s awesome meal of Reheater Repeaters Pork Burritos

  • Leftover Type: Repurpose
  • Leftover Utilization: High
  • Leftover Ingredients:  ~ 16-20 oz cooked pork tenderloin cut into cubes, 8 oz leftover saffron rice
  • Additional Ingredients:   1 diced tomato, 1/2 onion – diced, 1 can beer (standard lager or pilsner), a few dashes of hot sauce, 2 tsp ground cumin, 1 tsp chili powder, 2 tsp garlic powder, ~ 6 leaves fresh basil finely chopped, 1 package flour tortillas, 1 can refried beans, 4 oz shredded cheese of your choosing, salsa, sour cream
  • Music: A Perfect Circle – Diary of a Love Song
  • Jelly Rating: 8/10 — Great taste – all works together!
  • Mamma Rabbit: 10/10 — The pork is SOOOO tender!
  • D-kreator: 7/10 — Really good – just don’t like the refried beans so much

So through some not so gentile suggestions from Mamma Rabbit, I have been trying to use the crock pot more in my cooking.  Tonight’s meal came from the desire to use the crock pot combined with a desire to make something super flavorful from our leftover pork tenderloin.  SHAZAM!  PORK BURRITOS!  Ok – I’m sure the thought process was much more intricate, but for the sake of brevity I will skip all the painful intermediate steps.

Normally I would make pork burritos using pork shoulder and cook it carnitas style – low and slow for ~ 12 hours.  Pork tenderloin is already very tender, so there wasn’t need to go to quite that extreme, but I did want to introduce the bold flavors that carnitas carries with it.  So into the crock pot went a can of beer, the tomato, onion, seasonings and the pork.  I let it come up to almost a boil on high and then turned down to low for 3-4 hours.

Leftover Pork for Pork Burritos

Leftover Pork for Pork Burritos

From here, it is pretty easy.  Heat the refried beans, reheat the rice, heat your tortillas and assemble your burritos.  I normally put a layer of rice with a layer of pork on top, a row of refried beans, cheese over the top of all and then roll.  If you put the beans on the top as you roll, and you roll correctly, the beans will act almost as a caulk and seal your burrito.  If you don’t roll it right, you end up with a giant mess.  Take my advice and be prepared either way!  I serve with salsa and sour cream, and make slight variations depending on my families personal tastes.  Extra hot sauce for me, less beans for the boy, etc.


~~ Jelly

P.S. – Mamma Rabbit paired her burritos with a special Pineapple Peach salsa and thought it was the Mac Daddy Bomb of combinations.  Sounded almost like Mexican Sweet and Sour.

P.P.S. – While there is still some pork left, I don’t intend on throwing it out, I will use it to make tortilla soup!  Sadly, this is not Reheater Re-Repeaters, so I don’t think I can write up a recipe for creating leftover meals from previously repurposed leftovers.

Reheater Repeaters Leftover Pork Burritos

Reheater Repeaters Leftover Pork Burritos

Reheater Repeaters Leftover Pork Burritos - Rolled

Reheater Repeaters Leftover Pork Burritos - Rolled